Glace can climb things in the new game. When I thought on how to implement this I looked at a few others games. I saw some differences in how 2-D games handle climbing that I hadn’t thought about much until now. You maybe notice that you can see the side of Glace as he climbs up the rope. He’s facing one direction as he normally would while running around a stage doing non-climbing things. In some games when characters climb ladders, they show you their back. They face into the 3rd dimension. For example, like Mario in Donky Kong.


I decided to go with the climb-from-one-side method for two reasons. First, I want Glace to be able to do things that require a facing direction while he’s climbing. For example, I want players to be able to throw beads and know what direction they’ll fly. Second, I want Glace to climb some of walls. Since I animate him from the side when he’s climbing ropes n’ ladders, I can use the same animation for climbing walls. I can use the same code too.

Also Glace can change the direction he’s facing while climbing non-walls.