New Moves

In the original Glace game from 2004, Glace could bounce if you held the up button after falling from some height. He’d also bounce off walls if you hit them fast enough. I thought this was generally pretty fun but I’m rethinking a few parts of it. One difference in the new game is that Glace won’t bounce off walls unless a button is held down. This should stop folks from accidentally triggering the horizontal bounce just by running fast. Some other major differences are the new air dash and ground slam that you can see in the animation.


In the new Glace game, players can jump in the air and then dash a short distance. It’s kind of like a double jump but you can fly in any direction instead of just jumping up. This started out as an experiment but it didn’t take long before I really fell in love with the extra mobility. The control of Glace just seems more lively now. It’ll need some more tweaking and testing but I’m excited to see what players think of it.

As you can maybe tell by the gratuitous screen shake, Glace can slam the ground if he dashes straight down. You can use this to damage and sometimes stun nearby enemies. I just added this in today and so far I love it. To shake the camera, I used the same shake/wobble logic that I showed in a previous post. I like the sine-wave shake better than the way I used to shake the screen. In the old Glace I just added random values to the camera position for a quarter second before returning it to its original position.

I swapped out the enemy alert indicator too. In this previous post you can see the monster flash orange before attacking. I decided to go with the tried-and-true exclamation point instead.

Another thing about air dashing is you can use it to bounce off horizontal walls quickly without having to get a long running start. Thanks for reading. Let me know if you have any thoughts.