The Gate Stone

Nothing too glamorous to show today. I’ve worked on the new gate stones a bit - mainly the little UI that pops up when you’re near them. Gate stones act like check points within a level. If you die you’ll fly back to the last one you touched. They also act as exit and entry points. You can’t see it yet, but when you activate them, a menu pops up so you can do a few things - notably exit the level and go to the overworld. When you come back to the same level, you’ll come in at the same gate stone.


The button is turning orange because I’m pressing it on the controller. I’m going to use this same kind of pop up UI for anything in the game that’s activatable. Things like doors and… other things.

Like most other things in the new Glace, gate stones are lit by a directional light and a normal map. What you see in the GIF is the combination of the two following textures.

Normal map

Also I hooked up Rewired today. Rewired is an incredibly well-designed input component. I’m blown away by its quality. Not an ad. But man I love it.

More gate stone work tomorrow!