Doors & Wobble Physics


What is science? Is this science? Today I added a little wobble effect. I plan to use it for a few different cases in the game. For example, some items you don’t pick up but instead you have to bust them open with a weapon. Then they’ll sprout pick-ups. I use the wobble effect to try to say to the player “yes I know you touched it, but that’s not going to do anything helpful - try something else.”


Opening Doors

There are doors in the new edition of Glace, and I use the wobble effect to give doors more of a doory feel. They budge a little bit if you hit them with a weapon. Designers call this “door affordance” or doorfordance for short. Most doors in Glace can be smashed open with weapons or a particular fast-moving player. Other doors will need a key of sorts. I’ll use these for some more interesting variation in the stages. Enemies can’t see through them. I’m thinking Glace will get a power that will let him bash doors open and stun any nearby foes. Oooh doors.

3D Doors in 2D World

Speaking of doors, check it out - they’re 3D. Doing it this way ended up being easier than using animated sprites. I think it looks nicer too. I’m pretty sure this is how Dead Cells does their doors and probably lots of other games too. I still use a 2D collider to handle collisions with the door and to block the player while it’s shut. That’s the thin green outline in the shot below. You can also see how the two tile maps are layered.


96 days left!

I didn’t get the whole day to dedicate to the Glace project but made some good progress anyway. I made a little tear-off day counter thing to keep my schedule visible. I really, really want to have this game releasable in 96 days. Lots of work to do still!