Overworld Perspective

Hi friends. I finished the gate stone UI that’s used to warp out of levels. This lead me to get started on the first bits of the new overworld. I’m excited to build this new part. My first major task was to decide on a camera perspective. I could do an overhead view or some isometric angle. I started by deciding how I’d like to see Glace move around in the overworld, That lead me to creating some animations, and before I knew it I’d decided on the following.


So I’m going with an isometric view. I went ahead and added support for eight directions of movement. Well, eight animated directions - you can move any direction with an analog stick. I just got this working a few minutes ago so things are looking a little unpolished, but it’s a good stopping point for today. The ground here is actually 3D - something I threw together to help with testing perspective, but I don’t plan on keeping it like this. It’ll be a 2D tile map I think. I also zoomed in quite a bit to make the GIF. Glace will be pretty small on the map in the actual game. I want to have lots of screen space for the world.

So in the Glace remake, you’ll explore and find stages on the overworld map. Some stages are locked or behind obstacles depending on where you are in the story. You can’t just run to the last stage of the game right away. We’ll still have the same “zones” from the original. That is the grassy, swamp, mountain, and lab. These are all connected in the overworld. I have a few extra game play mechanics planned that involve the overworld.

Originally I had planned on doing the overworld in a Glace sequel, but I feel like it can really boost the potential of the original, so here we are. If the Glace remake sells I can build on top of this for part 2.

What’s next? Fixing up the animations a bit and getting started on the overworld tile map! Thanks for reading.